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Information/descriptions about Beagles:

Beagles are a good-natured, cheerful and friendly dog!

Because they are 'pack-oriented', they are very sociable and like other dogs and people.
Some do not like being left alone, and therefore are better in a home where someone
is home most of the day OR they should have another dog as a companion/friend.
OR they should be enrolled in 'Doggy Daycare' 2 or 3 times a week.
Also, Beagles should be Indoor Dogs because they love to 'Escape and Roam'.
Indoors they are much more affectionate and calm.
There are 13" and 15" Beagles.
Beagles normally weigh 17 to 28 pounds.
Beagles do shed their fur.

Descriptions include:
Merry, sweet disposition
Highly sociable with family and other dogs
Good at problem solving
Intelligent, but require much patience in training.
Emotionally stable
Not territorial with other dogs, but may be protective of food.

A happy little tail-wagger!

Because most Beagles have a desire to roam,
they require a well-secured fenced in yard and should ALWAYS wear ID tags.
Beagles are best kept Inside!

When walking or if not in a fenced in area,
Beagles should always be kept on a leash.
If you want a dog who will Not run away when off of their leash, do NOT get a Beagle.

Regarding cats, Beagles certainly can be friendly with cats but for some of them
their basic instinct is to chase.  Whether they chase or not, depends a lot on the cat.
If the cat is not afraid of dogs and does not run,  then many dogs will not chase.
(My own Beagle and our cat, although not best friends, sleep next to each other, only inches apart!)
Introduction to each other is Very Important.  Do Not allow either to scratch or chase the other.
Never leave animals alone together unless you are absolutely sure they get along.

Beagles normally are good with children over six.  Children must be old
enough so that parents can explain to them that they must be very careful
to Not leave doors or gates open because the Beagle will escape.
Also, remember that when outside, a Beagle must ALWAYS be kept on a leash if not in a fenced in area.

When excited, such as when they see their owner/parent
after being apart, some Beagles are so happy they cannot
control their emotions and some (not all) loudly bay (howl) with joy !
This must be accepted and hopefully appreciated by their owner/parent.
(Not all Beagles bay.  If adopting a Beagle from a foster parent, they can tell you if the Beagle bays)

As is the case with most dogs, do Not leave garbage cans open, as dogs have an
excellent sense of smell and will be tempted to dig in the garbage for food!
Keep all indoor and outdoor garbage containers tightly secured!

It may surprise many people but Beagles
make an Excellent 'indoor' dog  and  a not-so-good 'outdoor' dog !
Reason:  They like to roam and will dig out and run away.
As you can see from my own Beagle's photo below,
they are very content indoors.

heart2_sm.gif (1100 bytes) Beagles are a good-natured, cheerful and friendly dog.  heart2_sm.gif (1100 bytes)

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Why Adopt an Adult Beagle? ....  Read This

To Crate or Not to Crate .... Click Here

Beagles are highly socialable animals and will benefit greatly
from being enrolled in Doggy Daycare 2 or 3 times a week!
Doggie Daycare is more than only fun.  Daycare provides animals an important opportunity
for supervised socialization, confidence building, and lots of exercise
The end result is a happy, exercised, and more relaxed animal that will come home
at the end of the day not only happier but ready for human companionship and affection. 

Beagles in need of a loving home:
Click Here

- If your Beagle scratches a lot, have the vet check him out for skin problems.
ALSO, if you know the problem is not fleas(do NOT overuse flea products),   then try
feeding him a dog food for sensitive skin.  
Science Diet Sensitive Skin Food OR
PurniaOne Sensitive Systems Food OR ProPlans Sensitive Skin & Stomach.
These brands of foods are sold at most Petsmart and Petco stores.

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Keeping Your Beagle Secure In Your Yard
Beagles are best kept indoors but of course they also enjoy and benefit from being in a secured backyard for short periods of time.

An underground electric fence(used with a special collar), often called 'invisible fencing', will probably NOT contain most Beagles. Besides the fact that the dog can leave your property if highly motivated, any person can easily walk on your property and steal your animal!!  Another threat is that any larger animal can enter your property and attack your dog!

To make your property as secure as possible, you would do best with about a 6 feet high fence which canNot be climbed and you should put 12" x 12" (2" thick) cement stepping stones around the entire inside perimeter of your yard.
This usually is effective in keeping most dogs inside your yard unless the dog chews fences. Then you would need to add the underground electric fence to keep him away from the fence

Remember to keep you gates locked and know and trust your neighbor!
Also make certain your dog ALWAYS is wearing an ID tag with TWO phone numbers listed on their tag. (Tags can be purchased at Petsmart or Petco)
Also, consider a microchip

Note Regarding PUPPIES -
If you are considering getting a puppy instead of adult animal, keep in mind
that puppies must be housetrained and they have a strong need to chew which
lasts for several months. Also because they have small bladders, they must
urinate more often.  Puppies will require a lot of your time for training.
The younger the puppy, then the longer the chewing stage and more
attention will be required. Adult animals still need your love and guidance
but they are usually past the chewing stage and many are already housetrained.

Housetraining a puppy.
Purchase an odor remover, like Nature's Miracle.
After any accident make sure to Immediately clean and remove the scent
from any area where puppy is not suppose to go.

To Crate or Not to Crate .... Click Here

Block off a section of the house for your pet to use.
Regular size  'Swing Open' Doggy Walk-Thru Gate.

Extra Wide  'Swing Open' Doggy Extra-Wide Gate

Doggy Door .... Freedom of choice for your loyal and loving companion!
Purchasing a Doggy Door
Petsmart sells several price and types of Doggy Doors including 'Economy' Doggie Doors,
'Electronic' Doors and even Doggy Doors to use with a 'Sliding Glass' door!

Is the Dog for the CHILDREN?
The responsibility of having an animal joining your household is similar to having another child in the household. The primary responsibility for the care of the animal belongs to the adults in the household.  Animals need a responsible adult to love, teach and care for them, to drive them to vet appointments and to pay for any expenses associated with their care. Therefore ALL family members, not just the children, must want the animal and be committed to give it attention and care. A dog has FEELINGS and should be part of the family and cared for the same! 

An animal is NOT a 'tool' to teach children responsibility ....
To teach children to be responsible, You need to set a good 'example' by YOU being reponsible! 

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