A Microchip can SAVE the life of your pet.  It is quick and relatively painless. 

Two of the major brands of microchips are AVID and HomeAgain.

This small amount of money may mean the difference between life and death to your pet. Although not all shelters or vet offices scan animals to look for microchips, some do and so it is worth the chance that the place your animal may be taken to, does scan.  You decide what a chance of saving a friend's life is worth!

NOTE:  Your pet should ALWAYS wear an Identification tag on their collar since individuals such as your neighbors cannot view microchips. Often however, tags are lost or collars removed and then the microchip would be the only means of identifying you as the owner.

* Dogs and Cats MUST be at least 6 months of age. *
Frequently Asked Questions

Remember that 'most' shelters or your vet office only 'inserts' the microchip.
YOU are responsible to 'register' your information!
AFTER  you have the AVID microchip, you must phone Petrac(AVID)
at 1-800-336-2843 to 'register' your pet.

There is a small fee to 'register' your information.
Do this IMMEDIATELY or you may forget!

You can call your vet
to see if they insert microchips.
NOTE: There are different brands of microchips. AVID  and Homeagain are two of them.

A Few Vet Offices in the Houston are Listed Below Insert  'AVID'  Microchips:
Here is how to find a vet in your area that inserts AVID microchips.

*Nottingham Animal Clinic - (281)-493-1919
14465 Memorial Drive;  zip 77079

*West Houston Vet Clinic - (281)-493-4712
13560 Briar Forest Drive

*Tanner Lake Animal Clinic - (713)-937-4484
5630 North Edridge Park, #750
* Owned by same company

Long Drive Dog and Cat Hospital -
7377 Long Drive Near Telephone Road.

Steeplechase Animal Hospital - (281)-890-7257
9609 FM 1960 West 

ABC Animal & Bird Clinic -(281)-493-1919
11930 Hwy. 6000;  zip 77478  (SugarLand Area)

The above information is NOT a complete list.

Check with the shelter in your area to ask if they scan animals that are brought in.
If they do not, request that they start scanning. Scanners are usually donated by the microchip
companies to non-profit shelters, so they should receive a scanner if they request one.
There are now 'universal' scanners that scan All brands of microchips,
so this is no longer an excuse for places not using scanners.
Contact shelters and ask that they use the scanners.
LIST of Shelters   ( Shelters are shows in BOLD Print.)

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