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Help HORSES by Fostering OR Adopting -

Humane Ranch of Texas (Houston area) - The Humane Ranch of Texas was established in 1979 by the late George Huebner to help abused and neglected horses and other animals.  Several years ago in 2005 The Humane Ranch of Texas CLOSED*This listing remains in memory of George Huebner and all he did to help horses.

Houston SPCA (Houston area)
If interested in FOSTERING or ADOPTING a Horse OR farm animal, (occasionally HSPCA have more hoofed animals than they have room for and then will need foster homes) contact the Houston SPCA.
E-MailNOTE: They sometimes have other animals such as donkeys, goats, pigs and other animals such as ducks that also need a foster home. 
NOTE: See MANY other horses that need a home on the list shown further down this page.

Most horse rescue groups need the following items for helping horses.

  • Halters - horse and pony (Best if NEW or thoroughly washed and clean.)
  • Lead ropes
  • Feed and water buckets of varying depths
  • Livestock feed - pig, poultry, horse and cow
  • Stall bedding (wood shavings)
  • Pitch forks, wide shovels

regarding Horses or hoofed animals:

HOUSTON area - Houston SPCA  - (713)-869-7722 - Ask for Cruelty Investigations Department.  NOTE: SPCA now has an ONLINE FORM to 'report' cruelty. Instructions-HoustonArea
HOUSTON area - HoustonHumaneSociety - (713)-433-6421, ext. 396 - Ask for Cruelty Investigations or E-Mail. Make CERTAIN to include the following information: Your Name, Telephone numbers, nature of complaint, Street address where the abuse is occurring.  If possible send a photo.
SPCAofTexas-(Dallas area)  - Rescue and Investigations:: 214-742-7722 
Also, (214)-651-9611 Ext. 121  OR (972)-562-7297 Ext. 128 Ask for Cruelty Investigations Department. 

Cruelty   LAWS

NOTE: A horse weighing the proper amount should NOT have ribs showing.  You should however be able to 'feel' the ribs, just NOT see them.

Foster OR Adopt List
Texas & Nationwide

  • Houston, TexasHoustonSPCA E-Mail
  • Texas - College Station area  -  Bluebonnet Equine Humane Society
  • Brenham, (Midway between Houston AND Austin) - E-Mail or phone Call 936/878-2349    T-Bar Rescue
  • Central Texas (Austin area)  OR
    North Texas (Dallas area):  If you live in the Central or North Texas and would like to FOSTER or ADOPT horses in those areas,
    E-mail - AustinDallas areas.
    NOTE: If you do NOT receive a reply in 4 days, write again and put '2nd Request' on the Subject line of your e-mail.
  • DALLAS Area - SPCAofTexas-(Dallas area)   - (214)-651-9611, ext. 121 - They may occasionally need fosters. Questions, E-mail
  • Find A Horse Rescue - State by State  .... LIST
  • ADOPT - Animali Farm - TheAnimalFarm-AdoptAHorse

    Carriage Horses .... Carriage rides are NOT romantic if you are the horse!
     horse_carriage_accident.jpg (10519 bytes) Carriage Horse accident. Hit by a vehicle.
    Carriage rides are NOT romantic if you are the horse.

    NYC carriage horses....NYC

    What is really like to be a Carriage Horse
    .... Film - Blinders


Adopt a Horse and SAVE a Life!

Volunteering to Help Animals in a 'Disaster'
There are MANY agencies and also people that help people
but ONLY a few who help animals! .... The animals need you! 

NoahsWish_RescuingHorse_10_2003.jpg (28317 bytes)
Horse being rescued from California fires.
Help SAVE Animals in a Disaster! .... Be a Volunteer!

ATTN: WOMEN - Premarin: A Bitter Pill
Probably the
most prescribed drug for women in the United States is made from pregnant's horse mare's urine.
Pregnant mares are kept tied up inside the PMU barn stalls for months on end
while their urine is collected to product this pill !!!!

The stalls are kept narrow to prevent pregnant mares from turning or fully lying down
with their legs stretched out for fear the collection cups will become detached as the urine is "harvested."
Many of these mares get little or no exercise for the consecutive months they are forced to stand in the barns.
The story is just as tragic for the foals who most be disposed of in some way.
Read about this drug .... Premarin

Emergency/Disaster TIPS and Supplies List for HORSES
Make certain to include a pet first aid book and  have a written list with your vet's name and
phone number as well a phone number for an 'after hours' Emergency Vet Hospital in your area.
Hurricane season....Be prepared!

Brooke Hospital for Animals
Help abused hoofed animals! 

Live in the Seattle area(Pacific Northwest area)?
Pasado's Safe Haven.... www.PasadosSafeHaven

DALLAS Area (Murchison, Texas) -   Black Beauty Ranch
Phone: (903)-469-3811 Visit the Black Beauty Ranch.

Last Chance Ranch
Quakertown, Pa